Only this year and only in Jersey! A unique opportunity! Photo sessions for free!

Only Jersey Channel Island

Since March (interrupted due to a pandemic), I’ve been running an experimental photo project for me, which includes photo sessions in the beautiful corners of our island! I’m looking for attractive horse models (only pictures of horses are foreseen as well) and girl/woman pairs (owners) of different ages with a brave horse! If you are not afraid to stand in front of the camera, if you are not afraid to experiment, if you have a horse that is not afraid of challenges write to me! I’m looking for creative people who are open to new experiences, girls who want to devote their time to me and bring their own ideas and passion to the project, who want to appear in dresses and makeup, and in return will receive photos from the session.

Attention – this is not an offer only for pictures of you and your horse as a large part of the project will be pictures of the animals themselves.

I would like to point out that I treat the project as a form of I would like to point out that I treat the project as a form of gaining experience and building my portfolio. I am not looking for professional cooperation, let alone professional models, but people who love their horses and want to help me capture the beauty of these animals in my photographs.  I will try to do my job professionally and the best I can, but I am still learning. Sessions and photos are free of charge and it is not a paid form of work as a model.

So if you want to have  photos of either you and your horse or just your horse with the beach, cliffs, against the background of the castle at sunset… (there are many ideas) and you are able to devote time to me, to get involved in arranging the outfit, makeup and decoration for your horse, that means that you are the right person for the project.  Write to me!

This offer is only for adults and only with their own horse and the possibility of transport for the horse.

Attention – any inquiries should be directed to me via my Facebook fan-page:

Send your ad further, share it on your website, share it wherever you can! Send it to your friends in the stable! Tell the world because the opportunity only comes now!

Write me a few words about yourself and your horse and why you want to take part in this adventure.
I am waiting for applications! I’m coming back with the first sessions already in June, of course with safety and distance rules.